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Volume - 1, Issue - 1, January-June, 2016

SCOTOPIA (A Mutidisciplinary Bi-annual Journal) - DR. SOMA GHOSH, PRINCIPAL, HMMCW

Archive Contents

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⦿ Violence in Public Places: A Case Study of Young Women of Banasthali Vidyapith in India, Dr Anupma Kaushik
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⦿ Advent of The Transnational Middle Class Indians, R Radhakrishnan
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⦿ Can LBA Untangle The Tangled ?, Dr. Rupa Sen
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⦿ রবীন্দ্র কবিতায় পুরাণের প্রয়োগ ও বিনির্মাণ,ডঃ দেবশ্রী ঘোষ
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⦿ Re-Reading Gandhiji's Ram Rajya: Media Dichotomy in Reporting Communal Affairs, Dr.Sujata Mukhopadhyay
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⦿ Swami Vivekananda, The Modern Educator, Sreyashi Ray Chowdhuri
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⦿ Bio-Resources: Education, Management and Sustainability,
Madhushri Das
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⦿ 'Can a Machine Think ?', Saikat Bandyapadhyay
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⦿ Geographical Realities of Himalayan Region in Travel Writings: A Review of Two Bengali Travelogues, Md. Iqbal Sultan
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