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SCOTOPIA (A Mutidisciplinary Bi-annual Journal)

SCOTOPIA---- A Multidisciplinary Bi-Annual Journal is an online, multidisciplinary and bilingual (English and Bengali) journal dedicated to publishing the highest quality innovative academic work in Humanities, Science and social science studies, which attempts to examine the interaction between academics and society, with a focus on overlapping and interlocking fields. 'SCOTOPIA' is particularly interested in work that addresses the thematic and problematic and possibilities of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. As well as publishing regular themed and open issues, 'SCOTOPIA' also aims, from time to time, to intervene quickly into selected socio-political discourses and debates and to address economic, cultural and political issues; media responses that are always rigorously scholarly will be under the umbrella of focus of SCOTOPIA.

Editorial Board

Name Designation
1. Dr. Soma Ghosh
Principal, Hiralal Majumdar Memorial College For Women
Chief Editor
2. Dr. Sujata Mukhopadhyay
Dept. of Journalism, HMMCW
Joint Convener
3. Dr. Md. Iqbal Sultan
Dept. of Geography, HMMCW
Joint Convener
4. Dr. Sarbani Chowdhury
Prof. and Head, Dept. of English, Kalyani University
External Member
5. Dr. Ramanuj Ganguly
Dept. of Sociology, West Bengal State University
External Member
6. Dr. Saibal Chattopadhyay
Reader, Dept. of Veterinary Biochemistry, U.A.F.S, Kolkata
External Member
7. Sri Dibakanta Jha
Dept. of Sanskrit, HMMCW
Internal Member
8. Dr. Rupa Sen
Dept. of Political Science, HMMCW
Internal Member
9. Dr. Lipika Mallick
Dept. of Mathematics, HMMCW
Internal Member
10. Dr. Debasree Ghosh Biswas
Dept. of Bengali, HMMCW
Internal Member
11. Dr. Debasree Ghosh Biswas
Dept. of Bengali, HMMCW
Internal Member
12. Smt. Madhushri Das
Dept. of Botany, HMMCW
Internal Member
13. Dr. Mohua Seth
Dept. of Physiology, HMMCW
Internal Member