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National Service Scheme (NSS) Activities

World Environment Day   (Date: 05-06-2016)
The College Nss Unit arranged a programme on World environment Day. Programme officer and Principal talked about pollution which is a threat to human race. Socio economic background surrounding the college of Dakshineswar area suggests that lots of awareness generation programmes need to be organized to make people conscious about environmental degradation, so as to serve the purpose of sustainable development. To this end NSS unit of the college has undertaken a mission to create awareness about healthy environment. It was a grand success.

Thalassemia Detection   (Date: 04-03-2016)
On 4th March, 2016 Thalassemia detection camp was organized by our college NSS unit and students health home and Haematology department of N.R.S. Hospital. Our Teachers Prof. Lipika Mullick, Prof. Debopama Misra of Journalism Department and Prof. Sejuti Roy (Naha Biswas) of Zoology department motivated the students for testing their blood for Thalassemia. Dr. Sumit Gayen, In charge of Haematology Department of N.R.S Medical college & Hospital has shown a beautiful power point presentation on this disease. He narrated the cause of the disease scientifically for the awareness of the students on this disease. After this session blood tests are done for the students. It was also said that whenever report is coming, we will put a notice for the students to collect their reports. If any student be Thalassemia carrier or patient they will call her counsel her appropriately.

Interactive session on National Integrat   (Date: 24-11-2015)
College NSS unit arranged an Interactive session on National Integration and communal harmony on 24.11.2015 at the college premises. It was an Interactive session. Our senior most teacher and Head of the Department of history agreed to do the interactive session. She at first told about the National Integration and communal harmony. Programme officer also told on National Integration and communal harmony by citing real life example. Then Prof. Nandini Mukhopadhyay(Chakraborty) Head of the department of history governed the session by lecture method and question answer method. Students were enjoying the session as the topic was interesting and attractive one. Students raise funds for the communal harmony and national integration. Tiffin was given to volunteers and participants. It was a successful programme.

Dengue Malaria Awareness Camp   (Date: 16-10-2015)
H.M.M College For Women, NSS Unit organized an Awareness camp on Dengue, Malaria. Our Principal Dr. Soma Ghosh, local councillor Smt Sankari Bhowmick were present presided over the camp. They considered the fatality of the disease Dengue & Malaria caused by mosquito and advised our students to create the awareness of preventive measures against these diseases. Dr. Gautam Bhaumick of Kamarhati Municipality, Directorate of Health Services W.B was present there. He narrated in detail the prevention and control of Dengue and other vector borne Diseases. He presented beautifully by a power point presentation of this programme. From this Dr. Bhaumick analysed "what is dengue, malaria, chickengunia" ? "When do these occur" ? Who are responsible for Dengue, Malaria, etc? Where are the sites we need to be careful ? And the tasks ahead to us. Volunteers agreed to campaign among community and inside the college.

Thalassemia Awareness & Detection   (Date: 23-12-2015)
Students Health Home and N.R.S. Hospital arranged a programme on Thalassemia Awareness and Detection. Doctors of students health home discussed about the disease Thalassemia, how it occurs in the body of man. They told that it merely an awareness for eradication of this disease. Blood test should be done before marriage to check whether the student is Thalassemia diseased or not. They told how fatal the disease is and is a threat to the society. After this session blood test was done by the doctors of N.R.S Hospital among our students. Many students have done the blood test for the Thalassemia. It was a successful programme.