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Rules & Regulations

The Principal of the College is the captain meant to steer plans and projects of the Institution & propel all stake holders to club and elevate the said centre of learning at least to the local level.
Rules and regulations are cardinal principals on which the institution evolves. They are the maxims that help the organisation move towards its desirable goal.
The head of the institution welcomes the eager cooperation of students and their guardians for the strict maintenance of rules and regulation required to preserve absolute academic ambience within the campus.
1. As per university norm each student ought to attend at least 75% of total lectures delivered in subjects chosen by them.
Candidates attending less than 75% but not below 60% lectures delivered in each subject opted by her, is deemed to be non collegiate' and may be allowed to appear for University Exams on payment of requisite Non Collegiate fee.
But for students who fail to attend 60% of total classes shall not be allowed to appear for final exams.

Such students will not be considered under any condition save medical cases; Any other application shall not be accepted by the Principal.
2. List of percentage of attendance for students would be published twice in an academic year to keep them afoot of their status. Students have to pay must their fees within stipulated time as directed in notice board.
3. It is mandatory for the students to carry their identity card/library card to enter into college and to borrow books from library.
4. Visitors other than parents and guardians are not allowed to meet the students without permission during college hours.
5. Students ought to appear for all unit tests conducted by respective departments. The overall academic performance of students would be taken into consideration to qualify.
6. Students ought to return library books borrowed, before the process for form fill up begins at the end of an academic year. Students ought to maintain silence in the library while at work.
7. Students should attend both theoretical &practical classes; failing which they would have to report the reason of their absence to the department & thereafter to the Principal.
8. Students of Science Stream ought to help tidy the laboratory after their practical classes.
9. Students should be punctual and be present in class as soon as the bell goes.
10. The students shall refrain from any action that may disturb the smooth working if the college.
11. Students should regularly check notice boards for latest information before leaving campus in the evening.
12. Students should maintain cleanliness in the Campus. They should keep the Classrooms clean as well.
13. Food stuffs should not be littered in class rooms and Corridors. Students should drop used and unwanted matters in Trash Bins.
14. Students must attend Yoga Classes as scheduled to them. Students should mandatorily attend Communicative English and Computer Literacy Classes.

15. Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited in the classroom and meeting Hall. Handsets may be confiscated, if found in active mode, while attending class. The confiscated Cell Phones may be retrieved only after an interface between Principal and Guardian.
16. Students should switch off lights and Fans used by them, before leaving the classes.
17. The college shall meet the guardians to apprise the performance and progression of their wards.
18. Students should be present in all College functions, seminars, sports and games.
19. Ragging/Teasing/Harassing/Abusing is strictly prohibited.